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Our School Curriculum

Our vision is for our children to make excellent progress in their learning, develop their social and emotional skills, have high aspirations for themselves and strive to be the very best that they can be.  We teach a thematic curriculum that develops knowledge and skills alongside each other and makes links across subjects to ensure learning is memorable and meaningful for our children. Our curriculum meets and exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensures a broad, balanced and thought-provoking curriculum from the early years through to the end of year 6.


In Maths we follow White Rose which is a mixture of systematic learning using concrete, abstract and pictorial methods. Our children enjoy the practical approach we have to maths and this approach helps to embed mathematical concepts, encourage problem solving skills and develop deeper thinking about how maths relates to the outside world.


We teach English following the Johnathon Bond English curriculum which is a systematic approach to reading and writing, often linked to the theme of the term. Our curriculum provides varied and extensive writing opportunities that develop children's writing stamina, purpose for writing, spelling and grammar. We share a whole school love of reading and writing that is reflected in our children's enthusiasm to write for a range of purposes and audiences and to read extensively beyond school. We teach whole class reading daily which develops childrens range of vocabulary, understanding of different text styles and comprehension skills. 


In phonics we follow Essential Letters and Sounds and have a range of high quality reading books that enhance the teaching of phonics and develop children’s fluency and comprehension skills. The children take home reading books, within our coloured banding system, that are appropriate for their phonics and reading ability to share at home. 

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2021

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