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The SATs

The National Curriculum teacher assessments and tests are more commonly known as the SATs [Standard Assessment Tasks] they are designed to give you and your child's school information about how well your child is doing.


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Teacher assessments

At the end of each key stage, your child's teacher will formally assess their performance to measure your child's progress. Of course, your child's teacher will be informally assessing their learning all the time, to help them plan future teaching and learning opportunities. They may, for example, listen to your child read or look at their maths work or use testing throughout the year. Our school also uses optional tests called the QCA tests in Years 3,4 and 5 to assess children's progress.


National Curriculum levels

During Key Stages 1-3, progress in most National Curriculum subjects is assessed against eight levels. At the end of the academic year, we will send you a report telling you what level your child is working at.


At Key Stage 1 the level will be based on the teacher's assessment, taking into account your child’s performance in several tasks and tests.


At Key Stage 2 the level will reflect the teacher’s assessment and your child’s national test results.


Key Stage 1 teacher assessments, tasks and tests at the end of Y2


Teacher assessment for seven year olds covers:


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening
  • Maths
  • Science


These assessments take account of how your child performed in Key Stage 1 tasks and tests for seven year olds. The tasks and tests cover:


  • Reading
  • Writing (including handwriting and spelling)
  • Maths


The tasks and tests can be taken at a time the school chooses. They last for less than three hours altogether. The results are not reported separately but are used to help the teacher assess your child's work. The teacher assessment is moderated by your local authority. This is to make sure teachers make consistent assessments of children's work.


By the age of seven, most children are expected to achieve level 2.


Key Stage 2 tests and teacher assessments at the end of Y6


Key Stage 2 tests for 11 year olds cover:


  • English - reading, writing including handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Maths - including mental arithmetic


These tests are taken on set days in mid-May, and last less than five-and-a-half hours altogether.


The teacher assessment covers:


  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Speaking and Listening


By the age of 11, most children are expected to meet the Expected Standard.

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