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WILLOW Class - Year 6

Welcome to WILLOW Class - Year 6


Hello Willow class children. 


For the days that you are learning at home, please click on the work below that Mrs Martin has set for you!


Remember to ask your parent/carers to send in photos of your home learning to share with your teachers - we love to see all your hard work!


Below are some links to support your learning at home - click on them to explore more learning activities.

Monday 18th January Home Learning

Monday 18th January Answer Sheet

Monday 18th January Willow Maths Recording

Multiplying fractions by integers (whole numbers)

Monday 18th January Willow Geography

Learning how to use four figure grid references on Ordnance Survey maps

Friday 15th January Home Learning

Friday 15th January Answer Sheet

Friday 15th January Willow Maths

The Friday Maths Challenge

Friday 15th January Willow PSHE

Thinking about our responsibilities as we become more independent.

Thursday 14th January Home Learning

Thursday 14th January Answer Sheet

Thursday 14th January Willow Maths

Adding and subtracting fractions

Thursday 14th January Willow English

Wednesday 13th January Home Learning

Wednesday 13th January Answer Sheet

Wednesday 13th January Willow English

Wednesday 13th January Willow Maths

Subtracting mixed numbers part 2

Wednesday 13th January Willow Geography

Using the 8 points of a compass

Tuesday 12th January Home Learning

Tuesday 12th January Answer Sheet

Tuesday 12th January Willow English

Tuesday12th January Willow Maths

Monday 11th January Home Learning

Monday 11th January Answer Sheet

Maths support Video

Solving question 5 and looking at an example for the problem solving question.

Monday 11th January Willow Maths

Adding mixed numbers part 2

Monday 11th January Willow English

Using synonyms and antonyms in descriptive writing.

Friday 8th January- English

Friday 8th January - Maths

Adding mixed numbers by converting to improper fractions first.

Friday 8th January

Thursday 7th January- Maths

Thursday 7th January

Wednesday 6th January- Maths

Continuing to add and subtract fractions using the pictorial and abstract

Wednesday 6th January- Science

Exploring the journey of light

Wednesday 6th January

Tuesday 5th January - English

Exploring the front cover and extract from David Almond's ' Arthur Miller's Run'

Tuesday 5th January

Tuesday 5th January - Maths

Adding and subtracting fractions.

Monday 4th January

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