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ASH Class - Home learning

Welcome to ASH Class - Reception and Year 1


Hello Ash class children. 


For the days that you are learning at home, please click on the work below that Mrs Hampshire has set for you!


Remember to ask your parent/carers to send in photos of your home learning to share with your teachers - we love to see all your hard work!


Below are some links to support your learning at home - click on them to explore more learning activities.

Ash Class - Wednesday 21st July

Reception Tuesday 20th July

Year 1 Tuesday 20th July

Year 1 Monday 19th July

EYFS Book Quiz Friday 5th March

Ks1 Book Quiz

Story Time: Beware of the Storybook Wolves

Barnaby Bear Goes On Holiday

Story Time: The Chimpanzees of Happy Town

World Book Day activity - A book in a Jar

For your world book day activity collect some ideas first.

EYFS Literacy Tuesday 2nd March

Year 1 English Grandad's Island Tuesday 2nd March

Listen to the rest of the Grandad's Island story.

What is it like in a German Primary school?

World Book Day Assembly

World Book Day Video

Find out where the staff like to read their books!

Year 1 Grandad's Island Monday 1st March

Listen to the story and draw a picture of what you imagined. Then, have a go at composing some music that you think would suit this extract.

EYFS Phonics Friday 26th

Year 1 Phonics alternative ie Friday 26th February

Y1 Maths Friday 26th February

EYFS phonics Thursday 25th February

Year 1 English Thursday Instruction check list

Lesson 3 KS1 Netherlands Week

Hi children,Take a look at our Geography teaching video looking at similarities and differences of the UK and the Netherlands!

KS1 E Safety Thursday 25th February

EYFS Phonics Long 'oo' Wednesday 24th February

Year 1 English Wednesday 24th February

Making instructions sound bossy.

Year 1 Phonics 'ear' Wednesday 24th February

Year 1 Netherlands Lesson 2 Wednesday 24th February

Looking at the human geography of windmills and houses in The Netherlands.

High Ongar Primary School Staff Message

Year 1 Phonics 'air' Tuesday 23rd February

Year 1 Maths Tuesday 23rd February

Counting in 2s and 5s! This video will help you complete your task!

tulip video

Year 1 English Debate Thursday 11th February

year 1 Phonics Thursday 11th February

Y1 Maths Video Thurs 11th Feb

EYFS phonics Wednesday 10th February

year 1 Phonics Wednesday 10th February ee/ea

Year 1 English Wednesday 10th February

The Wolf's Story - Create a wanted poster.

Y1 Maths Video Wednesday 10th February


EYFS Smartie the Penguin Part 1

Year 1 phonics Tuesday 9th February

KS1 E Safety Tuesday 9th Feb

KS1 E safety Monday 8th February Power point

Year 1 Live English 8th February

Y1 Maths Monday 8th February

KS1 E safety Monday 8th February Power point

Hi children,
Take a look at this e-safety video for your e-safety task today.

KS1 Internet Safety Buddy the Dog

KS1 Internet Safety Multiple choice quiz

Staying safe on the Internet

EYFS phonics Friday 5th February

EYFS Maths Friday 5th January

Adding More

EYFS Maths Thursday 4th February

Combining Groups

EYFS phonics Thursday 4th February

Year 1 Maths Thursday 4th February

Year1 Phonics Thursday 4th February

EYFS Maths Wednesday 3rd February

Combining two groups.

EYFS Phonics Wednesday 3rd February

Reading tricky words

EYFS Maths Tuesday 2nd February

Making Pairs

EYFS Maths Monday 1st Februrary

Matching 6, 7, 8

Year 1 Handwriting cog family

EYFS Maths Friday 29th January

One more and one less.

EYFS phonics digraphs Friday 29th January

The Ant and the Big Bad Bully Goat

Year 1 Maths True or False Friday 29th January

EYFS phonics 'ng' Thursday 28th January

EYFS Maths Thursday 28th January

Story: There's A Snake In My School

Year 1 English Postcard Thursday 28th

Year 1 Phonics sentence substitution Thursday 28th January

Year 1 E safety Traditional Tales video

EYFS phonics 'sh' Wednesday 27th January

EYFS Maths Wednesday 27th January

Composition of 8.

Year 1 English & Geography Wednesday 27th January

EYFS Mrs Armitage On Wheels Tuesday 26th January

EYFS Phonics th Tuesday 26th January

EYFS Maths Tuesday 26th January

Composition of 7.

EYFS Maths Monday 25th January

The composition of the number 6.

Year 1 Handwriting The Rubber ball family

EYFS Phonics Oral blending Friday 22nd January

Where's My Teddy?

Year 1 Phonics 'y' 'ow' 'ie' Friday 22nd January

EYFS Phonics qu part 1 Thursday 21st January

EYFS Phonics part 2 - sentence Thursday 21st January

Year1 English - Adjectives Thursday 21st January

Smartie the Penguin teaches How to Stay Safe Online.

This has been made for Year 1 children regarding esafety.
Smartie teaches you how to stay safe online. Don't forget to join in with the song!

Story - Eat Your People Wednesday 20th January

EYFS Wednesday 20th Phonics Review ck, ss zz, ff, ll

Year 1 English - adjectives Wednesday 20th January

Year 1 Flags of the UK Wednesday 20th January

EYFS The Hundred Decker Bus questions on the text Tuesday 19th January

EYFS Maths - Balance scales Tuesday 19th January

EYFS phonics z/zz Tuesday 19th January

Year1 Maths- Bonds Tuesday 19th January

Year 1 Countries of the UK Tuesday 19th January

Mindfulness - Balloon Breathing Technique

Year 1 Geography - The UK -Monday 18th January

Year 1 Friday 15th Maths Addition sentences

Year 1 New Topic and Art Challenge

Still image for this video

EYFS Thursday 14th Phonics j, v, w,x

Year 1 Thursday 14th Maths - Whole Part Model

Year 1 Thursday 14th English activity

Story Corner - Holiday adventure

Story - The Koala Who Could

EYFS Wednesday 13th Phonics 'x'

Year 1 Wednesday 13th English - using 'and'

EYFS Tuesday 12th Phonics - 'W'

Year 1 Tuesday 12th Handwriting- Long ladder family

Year1 Tuesday 12th English activity - Journey

Year 1 Tuesday 12th January Maths - Addition by counting on

Year 1 Monday 11th Maths More & Less - symbols

Year 1 Monday 11th English activity 1 Journey

EYFS Monday 11th - Maths - Numicon - Zero

EYFS Monday 11th Phonics video j and v

Friday 8th January, Year 1 story -The Lonely Beast

Friday 8th January, Year 1 - PE

Friday 8th January- Year 1 phonics, oe sound

Thursday 7th January - Year 1 phonics, a-e sound

EYFS Thursday 7th Phonics 'v'

EYFS Wednesday 6th January Phonics 'j'

Tuesday 5th January, Year 1 maths, shape

Year one home learning pack Jan 4th

Reception Home learning Jan 4th 2021

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